WiNG Express Product Launch: High-Performance Low- Price Wi-Fi for SMBs (small to medium sized businesses)

Zebra Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of our new wireless solution designed and priced specifically for SMBs.
WiNG EXPRESS is Zebra Technologies’ powerful enterprise-class WLAN operating system, wrapped in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphical user interface that makes end-to-end WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) management easy for SMBs. Your customers can have enterprise-class WLAN flexibility, without the need for a dedicated IT department to manage it.
Providing a competitive price model, while delivering the same advanced brainpower as our WiNG 5 operating system, WiNG Express allows you to create “fully network aware” WLAN for your customers. The benefit is that the entire WLAN infrastructure has the intelligence to route every transmission as efficiently as possible for unsurpassed wireless performance.
Start with our controller-less architecture, where one access point can control up to 24 additional access points, and simply add an EXPRESS Manager when you need more than 25 access points.

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