The hidden costs of using consumer-grade mobile technology.

Aligning the desire for mobility with the need for business-critical performance

The success of your mobility investment is in great part contingent on the devices you deploy.


Companies are increasingly turning to mobile technology to help drive the next level of productivity, efficiency and service in their organizations. In Gartner’s 2012 EXP CIO Survey, mobile technologies in the wholesale distribution industry were ranked as the highest priority, while manufacturing CIOs placed mobility as the second highest technology priority for their organizations. For field survey respondents of an Aberdeen Group study, mobility of technology was deemed “very important” not only for ramping up productivity and profits, but also for slashing errors.


Yet, as these same companies rush to embrace mobility for critical line-of-business applications, they increasingly run the risk of sabotaging their own efforts. By selecting the wrong mobile technology — based on incomplete or incorrect information — they fail to realize the true benefits of mobility.


The purpose of this paper is to provide insight about mobile technology investments, so those in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, logistics, warehousing, and field service operations can make the best decisions for their businesses.


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