Retail solutions

Today’s retailers are faced with rapidly changing customer behaviors, including an unceasing demand for innovation, seamless, and error-free services. Coupled with the need for a frictionless experience across all shopper touchpoints including eCommerce, supply chain, and store operations. Retailers are tasked with managing accurate and agile operations across the entire value chain to re-imagine the customer experience. From the storefront to the distribution center and across the supply chain, our retail software solutions bring together people, assets, and merchandise in powerful new ways.


Whether customer self-service or associate assisted, provide a smooth checkout experience. Zebra’s and Honeywell’s grocery point-of-sale solutions shorten queues, increase loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction.

Stock replenishment/management

Raise accuracy, reduce shrink, and increase your bottom line by increasing visibility to new real-time levels.


The rise of omni-channel has made it possible for your grocery store’s prices to fluctuate on a regular basis. To stay competitive in today’s omni-channel environment, Datatech offers a range of real-time pricing solutions such as electronic shelf labels.

Personal shopping

For fast, convenient, and contactless grocery shopping, Zebra’s personalized shopping device offers dynamic couponing, guided selling, and instantaneous checkout.

Retail Software

Elements of the Connected Retail Environment

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