Zebra ZQ620-HC

Enhance Patient Safety with the ZQ620 Plus Healthcare Mobile Printer

The ZQ620 Plus Healthcare mobile printer is engineered for high efficiency and reliability in medical settings. It features a large color display and superior battery management, essential for healthcare environments focused on patient safety and accurate specimen labeling. This model, an upgrade from the legacy ZQ600 series, requires updated firmware and drivers to leverage its enhanced capabilities.

Equipped with the industry’s first Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 dual radio option, the ZQ620 Plus ensures faster, more reliable, and more secure connections, with an alternative Wi-Fi 5/Bluetooth 4.2 model also available. The printer includes a high-capacity PowerPrecision+ battery, designed to support long shifts without frequent recharges, enhanced by Power Smart Print Technology™ that minimizes power usage.

A notable feature is the sleep mode with instant wake-up functionality, which activates the printer to start printing immediately when a job is sent via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, reducing power consumption while idle. The ZQ620 Plus supports a variety of accessories like multi-slot battery chargers and Ethernet cradles, and is compatible with QLn accessories, making it a cost-effective solution for upgrading.

The printer is powered by Zebra’s Link-OS and supplemented by the Print DNA software suite, which optimizes productivity and simplifies printer management, providing a superior user experience in busy healthcare settings.

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