Zebra ZQ6xx

Boost Efficiency with ZQ600/ZQ600 Plus Series Mobile Printers

The ZQ600/ZQ600 Plus Series mobile printers, evolving from Zebra’s popular QLn platform, offer premium label and receipt printing capabilities designed to enhance inventory management and customer service. These printers introduce advanced technology and an innovative design that elevates productivity, ease of use, and manageability.

Equipped with a large colour display, the ZQ600/ZQ600 Plus Series eliminates any confusion about printer status. Its advanced battery technology provides ample power for even the longest shifts, and an instant wake-up feature ensures the printer is always ready to go. These devices support the fastest and most secure wireless connections thanks to 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® Classic, and Low Energy (BLE), ensuring reliable service throughout the workplace.

Additionally, the ZQ600 Plus Series features redesigned electronics for long-term availability, requiring specific firmware and drivers that support its enhanced capabilities. With industry-standard 802.11r fast roaming, workers experience seamless access while on the move, and the intuitive interface of the large display makes configuration and operation straightforward.

Built to withstand the demands of constant enterprise use, the ZQ600/ZQ600 Plus printers are not only lightweight and comfortable but also durable. They feature over-molding, and a tempered-glass display and are constructed from high-grade resin for superior impact resistance.

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