Zebra ZQ610-HC

Maximize Healthcare Efficiency with the ZQ610 Plus Healthcare Mobile Printer

The ZQ610 Plus Healthcare mobile printer is a high-performance device designed specifically for medical environments to enhance labeling accuracy and patient safety. This advanced printer supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Bluetooth 5.3, providing fast, reliable, and secure wireless connectivity. It’s equipped with a smart PowerPrecision+ battery, one of the highest capacity batteries in its class, which powers through the longest shifts and manages power consumption effectively with Power Smart Print Technology™.

The ZQ610 Plus wakes instantly from sleep mode upon receiving a print job, reducing wait times and conserving energy. It’s compatible with QLn accessories, offering a cost-effective solution for upgrading. Powered by Zebra’s Link-OS and Print DNA software, the printer simplifies complex processes, enhances device management, and improves user experience, making it ideal for healthcare facilities prioritizing patient safety and operational efficiency.

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