Zebra ZQ2x0

Introducing the ZQ200 Series: Value-Priced Mobile Printers with Premium Features

The ZQ200 Series stands out as a value-priced mobile printer that does not skimp on features. It offers an ideal balance of cost, quality, versatility, durability, wearability, and ease of use. Designed for exceptional versatility, it allows you to print various types of media and media widths, adapting to your current and future printing needs seamlessly.

This series ensures quick and easy pairing with host mobile devices through its comprehensive connectivity options and supports convenient USB charging. Whether at home, in a vehicle, or on the go, keeping the ZQ200 Series powered is hassle-free, eliminating the need for costly power adapters.

Its slim and lightweight design means it can be comfortably carried throughout the day. Usability is enhanced with features like an integrated display, removable battery, and one-handed operation. Designed to withstand diverse environments, it enables reliable mobile printing indoors and outdoors, under various weather conditions.

Moreover, the ZQ200 Series is not just flexible but also efficient—it supports large media rolls for continuous printing without frequent replacements. With linerless label printing options, it offers an eco-friendly choice that reduces waste and increases productivity, which is particularly beneficial for drivers and mobile workers.

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