Zebra ZD421t-HC

Streamline Healthcare Printing with the ZD421t-HC Thermal Transfer Printer

The ZD421t-HC is a thermal transfer desktop printer tailored for healthcare environments, replacing the GK Series and ZD420 Series. It is built with disinfectant-ready white plastics and UV-resistant housing, ensuring durability and cleanliness through frequent cleaning routines. The printer also features a sealed button interface and complies with IEC 60601-1 standard for medical electrical equipment.

Enhancements in the ZD421t-HC include a robust new architecture that supports more functions and enables simultaneous operations, making it well-prepared for future healthcare demands. It includes five LED icons that indicate printer status and a three-button interface for enhanced control, simplifying daily operations for healthcare staff.

Connectivity options for the ZD421t-HC are extensive, featuring standard USB and USB Host, with field-upgradeable options for Ethernet, Serial, and dual wireless radio including 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. This allows seamless integration into existing healthcare systems.

Security is prioritized with Zebra’s PrintSecure, which protects the printer from cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive patient data. The ZD421t-HC is also versatile, supporting various accessories and options like a 300 dpi print resolution, desktop battery and carrying case, peeler, cutter, keyboard display unit, mounting plate, and an enclosed power supply, enhancing its functionality across different healthcare applications.

Zebra’s Print DNA software suite further streamlines setup, ensuring the printer is operational quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime, and maintaining high productivity levels in fast-paced medical settings.

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