Honeywell Thor VM1A


The Thor™ VM1A is a computer that can keep pace with your busy workflow all day, without any issues. It builds on the dependable features of the Thor VM1 and CV41 models and runs on the rugged Android™ platform. It also benefits from Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform, which speeds up setup, application certification, and deployment across your company.

The Thor VM1A can be upgraded from Android 8 to Android 13 and comes with extended security updates to ensure a good return on investment and lower total cost of ownership. It’s easy to manage with tools that help with configuration, security, and software updates.

This compact and ergonomic device boosts productivity with its powerful Qualcomm® 660 processor, integrated keyboard, and strong WLAN communications. Designed to operate in extreme conditions, it has a large 8-inch screen that is clear both indoors and outdoors and offers touchscreen options that work even in cold environments, including an optional screen defroster.

The Smart Dock feature reduces support costs and boosts efficiency, allowing for easy shifts between computers as vehicle needs or workloads change. With a field-replaceable front panel, your company can save on spare parts and maintenance costs, handling repairs in-house for the touchscreen or keyboard.