Zebra TC52-HC/TC52x-HC

Enhance Patient Care with the TC52-HC Mobile Computer


The TC52-HC from Zebra is a disinfectant-ready mobile computer tailored for healthcare, built to improve efficiency and patient care accuracy. Constructed with medical-grade plastics, it withstands frequent cleaning with over 30 disinfectants, meeting high hygiene standards.

Key features include the Active Edge™ Touch Zone for customized quick access to frequently used functions, enhancing workflow speed. It boasts a powerful processor that supports current and future Android versions, ensuring long-term utility.

Communication is streamlined via pre-installed Workforce Connect™ PTT Express, allowing instant push-to-talk capabilities within healthcare facilities. The device’s advanced scanning technology and PRZM Intelligent Imaging enable fast and accurate barcode capture on various surfaces, critical for medication management and patient safety.

The TC52-HC combines robust build quality with advanced technology, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare environments focused on improving operational efficiency and accuracy.