Zebra TC21-HC/TC26-HC

Enhance Healthcare Efficiency with the TC21-HC and TC26-HC Mobile Computers

The TC21-HC and TC26-HC are cost-effective mobile computers built specifically for the healthcare sector. They are designed to equip both clinical and non-clinical staff with the tools necessary for higher efficiency, improved task accuracy, and the delivery of exceptional patient care. These devices are available in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/cellular models, ensuring connectivity across various settings—from in-facility work to expansive campus-style outdoor areas and even remote locations.

Key features include a durable design tailored for frequent disinfection and advanced mobile technologies that support extensive healthcare applications both now and in the future. The TC21-HC and TC26-HC boost supply chain operations with up to 28 hours of battery life and a design that withstands harsh cleaning agents, making them ideal for continuous operation in healthcare environments.

Each model offers a large 5-inch HD touchscreen that works under various lighting conditions and with gloves, enhancing usability in clinical settings. These devices also come equipped with integrated barcode scanning to streamline processes like patient identification and medication administration, reducing the risk of errors.

For communication, the TC21-HC and TC26-HC can transform into two-way radios and mobile PBX handsets with Zebra’s leading voice solutions, enabling instant communication within healthcare facilities. They also support Zebra Mobility DNA™ tools which expand data capture capabilities and simplify device management across any size deployment.

Additional security measures are provided through LifeGuard™ for Android, which offers regular security updates as part of the Zebra OneCare™ maintenance plan, ensuring the devices remain secure throughout their lifecycle. With the option to capture a broad range of barcode types, high-resolution imaging for clinical documentation, and flexible data input methods, the TC21-HC and TC26-HC are versatile tools that adapt to the diverse needs of healthcare environments.