Zebra RS5000

RS5000 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner The “Go-Everywhere” Wearable Scanner Build For The Enterprise

Whether your workers are moving around your warehouse, working in a manufacturing facility, or loading packages into delivery vehicles, any time spent using handheld devices to scan barcodes or check orders can slow them down. But with the RS5000 hands-free ring scanner paired with Zebra’s wearable computers, your employees never need to pause. This small and perfectly balanced scanner, worn on just one finger, allows them to keep both hands free and stay focused on the task at hand.

The RS5000’s efficiency enables lightning-fast capture of any 1D or 2D barcode, in nearly any condition. A simple press of a button confirms task accuracy and updates inventory in real-time, slashing downtime and boosting workflow reliability.

Designed to thrive in the harsh environments of warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities, the RS5000 is robust enough to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring continuous, dependable performance. The result? Elevated productivity, enhanced utilization of your Zebra wearable computers, and ultimately, happier customers.

The RS5000 is among the best choices for Warehouse Workers, Logistics Personnel, and Manufacturing Associates.