Honeywell RPxe

Boost On-Site Efficiency with Enhanced Portable Label Printing

The RPe (Enhanced) Series stands out as a rugged and reliable direct thermal portable label printer, optimized for high-demand environments like direct store delivery (DSD), field service, eCitation, transportation and logistics (T&L), retail, and airline industries. This series is designed to enhance productivity by allowing workers to print labels right at the point of application, significantly reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.

Unlike other mobile printers, the RP4e model from the RPe Series boasts nearly double the print speed and media capacity. It also features a one-point improvement in ANSI print quality and includes a new high-drain, high-power efficiency battery that supports increased print output. These enhancements ensure that workers experience fewer interruptions for media reloading or battery swaps, leading to smoother and more continuous operation.

The RPe Series printers can handle a wide range of label sizes—from 25.4 mm (1 in) to 104.1 mm (4.1 in)—and are capable of accommodating heavy stock necessary for hang tags and specialty labels. Their fast and easy loading design further boosts productivity, accommodating multiple media types with minimal downtime.

Featuring the latest 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi for exceptional range and speed, along with Bluetooth® 4.0 LE for connectivity outside WLAN range, these printers are highly adaptable. They also include NFC capabilities, allowing for easy checks of printer status and configuration without needing an internet connection, enhancing their usability in virtually any setting.


RP2e-Battery 2500 mAh

RP4e-Battery 4900 mAh

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