Zebra MC2X00

Handheld computers that deliver ‘no compromise’ affordable mobility with unmatched ergonomics for superior comfort and ease of use

The MC2700 and MC2200 are powerful handheld computers. Both models feature a physical keypad alongside a touchscreen, providing flexible application use and efficient data entry. Their industrial ergonomic design is lightweight and tapered, equipped with an advanced physical keypad and a durable Gorilla Glass touchscreen. An optional snap-on trigger handle is available for more scan-intensive tasks.

MC2700: Ideal for workers in ports, yards, and logistics, this version is WiFi and cellular-enabled, ensuring the fastest cellular data connections in various outdoor environments.

MC2200: This WiFi-only device offers fast and dependable connections suitable for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and retail.

Both devices come pre-loaded with Mobility DNA Professional tools to enhance usability, manageability, and security, with the option to upgrade to the Mobility DNA Enterprise license for additional productivity tools. Built on the powerful ‘ultimate series’ Android platform and processor, they start with Android 10 and are ready for an upgrade to Android 11, providing future-proofing and extended lifecycle support. They also feature a comprehensive suite of accessories and backroom management solutions, ensuring a high return on investment through compatibility and scalability.