Honeywell CK65

Boost Supply Chain Efficiency with the CK65 Mobile Computer

The CK65 mobile computer is engineered to enhance productivity in distribution centers and manufacturing environments. It achieves this by speeding up tasks and reducing errors, backed by the longest supported lifecycle in the industry. With up to 28 hours of battery life and unmatched ruggedness, the CK65 ensures continuous uptime and offers a smooth transition from legacy Windows to Android, supporting Android 8 (Oreo) through Android S.

Key features include the FlexRange XLR imaging technology, which excels in diverse scanning distances up to 80 ft., ensuring rapid autofocus and high versatility in warehouse operations. This device is built to endure extreme conditions with its ability to withstand multiple 3-meter drops to concrete and up to 3,000 tumbles from 1 meter. It boasts IP65 and IP68 ratings, indicating strong resistance to dust and water.

Security is a priority for the CK65, which is recognized by a STIG designation from the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency for its robust security measures. This mobile computer is a part of Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, facilitating rapid development, deployment, and management through its enterprise lifecycle tools.

For data input in any setting, the CK65 features a large touchscreen paired with various keypad options, ranging from 51 or 53-key alphanumeric to 30-key large numeric, supporting both traditional key-centric and modern touch applications. It also offers enhanced 1D/2D scanning capabilities, including direct part marking, ideal for a broad range of workflows.

Investing in the CK65 means future-proofing your operations, with guaranteed support for four Android generations and security updates extended beyond standard provisions. Its lightweight yet ultra-rugged design ensures that it can operate continuously and reliably, making it the ultimate tool for maximizing productivity and minimizing the total cost of ownership in demanding supply chain environments.