Fun Facts About Barcode Scanners

Essential Facts About Barcode Scanners for Your Business


Barcode scanners are crucial tools across many sectors like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, helping to track and store data about items efficiently. Here are key points to understand and optimize their use for your business:


  • 1D vs. 2D Barcodes: Traditional 1D barcodes are linear and store up to 25 alphanumeric characters. 2D barcodes like QR codes are more complex, storing over 4,000 characters in various forms, including alphanumeric and binary data.


  • Scanner Types: 1D laser scanners use a light beam to read barcodes and are suited for simple barcode types, while 2D imagers function like digital cameras, capturing images of barcodes and decoding them. Imagers can read barcodes from any surface and angle.


  • Applications: 1D barcodes are ideal for items with frequently changing information like prices. 2D barcodes are beneficial for detailed tracking, used extensively in healthcare for patient care, and retail for embedding website links.


  • Reading Capabilities: Modern scanners can read barcodes through physical barriers like tape and from electronic screens, adapting to various brightness and angle challenges.


  • Choosing a Scanner: Consider scanners from robust lines such as Ultra-Rugged Scanners for durability and versatility in environments like warehouses. Evaluate your business’s specific needs, including the types of barcodes, the scanning environment, and frequency of use to select the appropriate model.


  • Scanning Distances: Choose a barcode scanner based on required scanning ranges. Close-range models handle a few cm to several meters, ideal for retail. Full-range scanners cover 15 meters, suitable for warehouses and logistics.


  • Power Requirements: Depending on the intensity of the work and the requirements most choose between wired or wireless Barcode scanners but there is a third option. Some scanners use super capacitors which is a revolutionary battery-free technology great for the environment that does not require batteries to operate.


This distilled information can help businesses harness the power of barcode technology effectively.


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