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Sales Force Automation defines the modern era of digital selling and managing a multi-tier distributor network with real-time accuracy. Using SFA brought comprehensive results in terms of increasing business potential and productivity during the pandemic. It has been established as “the new standard” sales force management system.

How can SFA help transform your outdated sales management?

The mSales, sales force automation system is a complete sales and distribution management software solution designed to simplify every micro and macro aspect of the sales cycle.

As with all software, there’re also some challenges, such as: 

  1. Unaccounted ambiguity and work process delay
  2. Inadequate field force tracking and monitoring in real time
  3. Unavailability of real-time and accurate field report updates
  4. Secondary and tertiary sales that are untraceable
  5. Emerging errors and repetitive tasks 
  6. No knowledge of field force visits, target achievement, or payment status
  7. Multi-level trade scheme and product pricing manipulation
  8. There is no effective way to track and regulate the network of distributors
  9. There is no effective tracking of suppliers, shippers, warehouses, or customer feedback
  10. Inadequate micro-level field monitoring and visibility at the last mile
  11. Productivity, delivery, and decision making are all lagging
  12. Increased communication gap 

Because of the real challenges of a manually managed sales ecosystem, visionary enterprises and sales leaders have embraced automation, transforming the future of sales.

Companies that use SFA have made significant progress in all aspects of the sales and distribution cycle, reducing inaccuracy and risk.

Why has SFA become the need of the moment?

Manually managing field forces can create a slew of ambiguities, errors, and repetitive tasks that slow down the entire sales process, including reporting, delivery, and decision-making.

To address these challenges intelligently, forward-thinking businesses are enhancing and updating their sales ecosystem with sales force automation to speed up the lagging process and reinvest the wasted time in something productive.

Wondering which sales force automation software and/or app is best for your business?

Our mobility enterprise solutions allow you to perform pre-sales, sales, and route accounting operations, as well as engage with clients more successfully.

With our custom mSales mobility software/app, you can enhance customer service and react to requests more quickly, which in the end, can set your business apart from competition.
It not only simplifies your daily dealings but reduces the stress of detecting the missing links, crucial for your business’s financial health.

Furthermore, your business has the ability to achieve that competitive advantage thanks to this solution.
Delivery, output, inventory tracking, accuracy, and cash reconciliation are all speed up,– this solution has been designed to streamline the applications that are most important to your business.

Here are some other advantages of integrating mSales with your sales ecosystem:

✓  You can upload, manage & follow up leads
✓  It enables you to create customer categories and record their preferences
✓  It automates customer-specific pricing
✓  You can set promotions & discounts
✓  You are able to check your stock levels in real-time
✓  It allows you to gain more visibility of your data
✓  It keeps a better track of your route
✓  It prevents data duplication
✓  There is a better understanding of the results & the completion of objectives

Are you impressed?

With mSales, the cutting-edge sales force automation app, it’s time to digitally revamp your sales ecosystem. We are an experienced team of tech curators who provide next-generation intelligent mobility enterprise solutions to enable businesses to be as mobile as possible.

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