End of Service – Honeywell PF2i & PF4i

This is the last notice concerning the planned end-of-service and end-of-build planned for the Honeywell PF2i nd PF4i mid-range industrial printer.


Datatech will provide technical support, hardware maintenance and software updates, if posible, to the best of its ability on discontinued hardware and software products throughout the life of existing warranties and service contracts. Ability to service and support units may be disrupted due to component obsolesce beyond Datatech’s control after the End of service date.


The PM43, PM43C AND PM23C mid-range industrial printers are ideal replacement for the PF2i nd PF4i in a wide range of applications within the distribution center/warehouse and manufacturing and airline passenger services.


For more details regarding the features and specifications of the PM43, refer to the datasheet located at http://datatech.com.cy/product/pm43-pm43c/


End of Hardware Service – December 31, 2020