End of Service – Honeywell PB42

This notice serves as formal communication of Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions’ (S&PS) retirement of the PB42 portable four inch receipt printer. The product has been replaced by the PB51 which offers the same or better functionality at a lower price.


Datatech will provide technical support, hardware maintenance and software updates, if posible, to the best of its ability on discontinued hardware and software products throughout the life of existing warranties and service contracts. Ability to service and support units may be disrupted due to component obsolesce beyond Datatech’s control after the End of service date.


The PB42 has successfully met the demands of our four inch wide receipt printing customers. Like the PB42, the PB51 supports ESC/P but also adds Fingerprint or IPL printer control language options. Similarly, the PB51 supports not only Bluetooth wireless connectivity, like that found on the PB42, but adds WLAN. For more details regarding the features and specifications of the PB51, refer to the datasheet located at http://datatech.com.cy/product/pb21/


End of Hardware Service – January 31, 2021