End of Service – Honeywell EDA70

This notice serves as formal communication of Honeywell’s intent to discontinue the EDA70 Tablet Computers. All versions of the EDA70 tablet computer product line will be retired.


Since 2017, EDA70 has filled an important position in the Honeywell tablet product portfolio and met the demands of tough environment. In 2019, Honeywell launched the next generation product, EDA71, an ultra-rugged mobile computer which will be replacing EDA70.


Datatech will provide technical support, hardware maintenance and software updates, if posible, to the best of its ability on discontinued hardware and software products throughout the life of existing warranties and service contracts. Ability to service and support units may be disrupted due to component obsolesce beyond Datatech’s control after the End of service date.


Honeywell recommends that customers transition to the EDA71 tablet mobile based on their operating system and use case. 


Last Service Renewal – December 31, 2020


End of Service – December 31, 2023