End of Service – Honeywell 6822

This notice serves as the formal communication for the retirement of the 6822 fixed and portable Workboard printers. With the release of the 6824 fixed and portable Workboard printer in July 2017 there is a direct replacement for almost all versions of the 6822.


Datatech will provide technical support, hardware maintenance and software updates, if posible, to the best of its ability on discontinued hardware and software products throughout the life of existing warranties and service contracts. Ability to service and support units may be disrupted due to component obsolesce beyond Datatech’s control after the End of service date.


For customers who need a full page dot matrix printer that will deliver long lasting 3-ply receipts, the 6824, with optional mobile computer holders, is a perfect solution.


The 6824 is a completely upgraded version of the 6822 with a higher resolution 24-pin printhead and is 70% faster than the legacy 6822. It provides expanded mobile computer support with holders for the CN51, CN70, CT50 and the 99EX mobile computers. For more information, please refer to http://datatech.com.cy/product/6822/


End of Hardware Service – July 31, 2021