End of Service – Zebra MC9190

The purpose of this Product Marketing Bulletin is to provide advanced notice to our customers of the end of sale of Zebra MC9190 configurations. The MC9190 will be replaced in Zebra’s portfolio and customers will need to migrate to the MC9200.

Datatech will provide technical support, hardware maintenance and software updates, if posible, to the best of its ability on discontinued hardware and software products throughout the life of existing warranties and service contracts. Ability to service and support units may be disrupted due to component obsolesce beyond Datatech’s control after the End of service date.

The MC9200 family of hand held ruggedized mobile computing products was introduced in June 2014 . As a Technology Refresh of the MC9000 product line, the MC9200 incorporates the best of the MC9000 polestars, as well as many electrical and mechanical system enhancements while maintaining compatibility to the MC9000 accessory ecosystem.

End of Zebra MC9190 Hardware Service – December 01, 2020