About Us

Established in 1989, Datatech I.T. Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to both public and commercial  sectors, across Cyprus.  

Using products developed by both our company and our partners, we provide unparalleled technology services, helping our customers to reduce costs, drive productivity, and streamline their operations.

With a successful track record of 30+ years, Datatech is the ideal partner for any project.

We have formed strategic alliances with companies that complement and enhance our solutions

Having reached strategic alliances with leading international tech giants like IBM, Honeywell, Zebra, Extreme Networks, Kodak Alaris, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and others we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including Enterprise Content Management, Supply Chain Management and Mobile Solutions.

Specifically, through our partnership with IBM, the world’s biggest IT company in installed document management systems, we offer an integrated package of Enterprise Content Management solutions. Through these solutions, we provide businesses with efficient and effective ways to capture and manage content, helping them derive insights and decide on actions that will improve their processes, products, and services.

In recent years, we managed to secure major projects in the areas of document and workflow management. Currently, our biggest account is the Government of Cyprus, which has been successfully using our office automation solution across the entire government sector. At the same time, our commercial customers are some of Cyprus’ biggest and most successful companies in the retail, distribution, logistics and warehousing sectors.

Listening and satisfying the needs of our customers is central to our vision. As such, we offer comprehensive high-quality systems and services, covering the entire software development lifecycle.

Moreover, our people are our greatest strength and the key to our success. With extensive experience in business and systems analysis, technical knowledge and support, programming, and project management, our employees can help any company implement cutting-edge technology solutions to  effectively compete within their industry.

Having recognised we are only as good as our people, we are committed to their professional growth and education. As such, we provide our employees with the opportunity to  participate in training programmes, while we always try to motivate and empower them to attain their personal and professional goals.

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