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  • Revisit Your Ruggedized Strategy Before You’re Hit by the End of OS Support

    Revisit Your Ruggedized Strategy Before You’re Hit by the End of OS Support

    The legacy operating systems that power most of the ruggedized, handheld device installed base are rapidly approaching the end of extended support. I&O leaders responsible for mobile and endpoint strategies should stop buying equipment with legacy OSs, and begin planning their migration strategies.



    Key Challenges
    • OS support for legacy ruggedized handheld devices will end during the next one to three years.


    • Many of the advantages of ruggedized devices (beyond surviving a drop) are poorly understood.


    • Downtime or data loss in the mission-critical business processes frequently supported by ruggedized equipment can have a significant impact on production or clients.


    • The desire to use mobile equipment in hazardous areas of organizations that require intrinsically safe devices is growing.



    I&O leaders involved in mobile and endpoint strategies should:


    • Stop buying ruggedized equipment running legacy OSs (unless there is extremely strong short-term justification), and begin planning a migration to new, supportable OSs.


    • Evaluate the entire business case for ruggedized equipment when upgrading ruggedized devices, by assessing actual business requirements and a fully loaded total cost of ownership calculation.


    • Avoid standardizing on a single, ruggedized unit for all purposes by ensuring that the form factor and specifications for each unit are aligned with business requirements.


    • Protect current investments in software and systems by using application virtualization technology to minimize short-term migration costs and reduce time to benefit.


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